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April 14, 2017

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January 17, 2015

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The Fundamentals for Selling Online

January 29, 2015

What are the core fundamentals for selling products & services online?

Have you ticked all the boxes to build a solid online sales foundation for your business? We love reductionism, taking things back from the intricate jargon to the core requirements. Here is our list, anything you would add? We will be going into much more detail on all of these fundamentals in blogs through the year.


NUMBER ONE – know your keywords

Always our number one. Before website design, before social media channel art you must know your keywords. This is the process of finding out what your potential customers are searching for, when looking for the products and services you offer. This takes time, but is easy to source through Keyword Planner on Google Adwords. These keywords can be used throughout your website and social media content to improve your chances of being found. We break keywords down into various categories and will go into more detail in our next blog.


NUMBER TWO – have a website and build pages around the keywords (SEO)

This might sound obvious to many, but always have your home as a website. Even if you have strong social media platforms, these are only rented and always subject to change. Your website is owned by you always developed on your terms alone.


NUMBER THREE – active social media

If your Website is your CV, think of your Social Media as your references. Always have active and informative social media content. Don’t always sell, talk about industry news and fun stuff happening at the office, as a personality is a must! Also, those keywords mentioned earlier, build those into your posts as well, it all helps. Remember that some potential buyers will look at your social media for advocacy, credibility and reassurance.


NUMBER FOUR – sell wherever and whenever possible

Selling products online is not limited to an e commerce website. You can now set up shops on Facebook for example, give yourselves every chance of being found. Also you can ‘piggy back’ the big boys. From the obvious such as EBay, to more niche type websites such as Etsy for craft products or Elance for freelance services. It is a crude and simple rule; sell everywhere to everybody.


NUMBER FIVE – Embrace advertising

Okay, if you have a product or service that is so contemporary or fascinating that almost all will have an uncontrollable urge to share then you can skip this one. However, let’s be honest, it is only the lucky few who can say this. For the rest of us, consider advertising. We are instinctively drawn to working on organic and viral content due to it being free and when it works it REALLY works. However, in many cases a small advertising spend can achieve more exposure than three days brainstorming about fluffy cats and people falling over. Caveat: as brilliant as online advertising can be, it is incredibly easy to waste money. Test, test, test again, and track conversions, ALWAYS. The go big where it is performing.


NUMBER SIX – fall back in love with email

It was originally thought that social media would kill the email star. However, interestingly quite the opposite is happening. Social media it taking a lot of the general ‘waffle’. Combine this with sophisticated filtering systems that are removing emails about body enhancements and lottery wins, leaves us with an efficient and direct communication path. Well designed product focused email convert sales.



NUMBER SEVEN – get into bed with google+

Most important to businesses targeting local sales. Create a Google+ business page, request a verification code be posted out to your address (this proves to Google that you are a real business). Activate the code you are done. There is no simpler or easier way currently to get strong local search results on Google.


NUMBER EIGHT – keep talking

Content has been King for a while and will become even more so. Keep talking about your company, your products and your industry. Talk on your website, talk on a blog, talk on social media.


NUMBER NINE – get a different perspective

Okay, not a fundamental and we would, of course be biased. But consider working with an agency, even if it is in a small way. We believe that it is a combination of your ‘industry perspective’ and the ‘creative marketing perspective’ of an agency that creates the strongest path to sales success.


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