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April 14, 2017

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January 17, 2015

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From snake oil salesman to social media sales person

August 7, 2014

 “The code of the con is to know just enough about everything so you can lie about anything.”  E. Tancarville



Social media marketing is an exciting, vibrant new sales tool for small business.  It has created a level playing field where start ups and small business can compete head-on with the big boys.  Small cottage industries can market globally, immediately.  Everyone has a chance.  As a Digital Marketer I love working in this industry that is changing and evolving on what feels like a daily basis.However, temporarily replacing my warm jug of half full with a cold and stale half empty, a few words of caution. 


The social media for business development hype is being driven entirely by marketing executives.  We can create significant hype on behalf of hinge manufacturers, so imagine what we can do with our own, brand spanking new industry!


Take these recent headlines:

“10 facebook posts that will get new clients every week”

“24 tweets that will guarantee a response”

“9 ways to go viral”


Don’t get me wrong, I am in marketing, I love these headlines.  But we must be careful.  Whilst I am convinced that most digital marketers and online marketing companies are doing an excellent job, there are exceptions.....


10 worst social media marketing fails 2013


We have found it astounding how many websites are set up without digital analytics.  To me this is the equivalent of buying a car and not being given the engine!  It is also worrying how many small businesses we have spoken to have been ‘guaranteed’ results before planning and testing.  We still hear the classic ‘I will get you to position 1 on google’ pitch before any analysis has been carried out.


the importance of digital analytics


At BeSeenOnline we are fanatical about training, courses and keeping ahead of the ‘game’.  Indeed, we spend approximately 20% of our working week doing just this.  But the industry has no regulatory body, and it needs one.


The user friendly social media platforms can lull people into a false sense of capability.  Creating an aesthetically pleasing Facebook or Twitter page is not marketing, it is playing.  Of course, it is important, but it is a small part of the overall development.  However, too many people with little or no training tag themselves as Social Media Marketers purely because they know how to use Twitter and where the Hashtag button is!!!!!


This is not a question of trying to be elitist, it is a question of protecting both small business and our industry.  We are seeing the first gentle signs of economic growth and it is vital that the new generation of start ups and SMEs are not throwing good money after bad when it comes to their online development.


So join the struggle while you may, the revolution is just a t-shirt away.


Now, where is that google partners tutorial.............











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