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Proximity marketing with iBeacons 

Engage your customers with iBeacon technology, the newest technology in proximity marketing.
Drive footfall & sales to your business - seemlessly.
Incentivise, reward, advise & drive your customers using Beacon technology for proximity marketing.

Guide your customers or those with your app, with timely push notifications.

Drive traffic to a precise location and engage customers and visitors whilst in situ.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are tiny, battery-powered devices that can be used to exactly locate a smartphone app user in a very precise physical location.  Knowing a user is in proximity means a marketer can provide them with highly relevant communications.

For example, you might want to pull a nearby user into your location with an incentive offer. Or create a journey around a large store, taking a customer from one related product to the next. Or you may be an FMCG brand that wants to make its point-of-sale campaigns more interactive.

Download our guide to Proximity Marketing with Beacons to find out all you need to know.

Some examples of where Beacons &

Proximity Marketing might be used

Retail – individual stores and chains

A fashion chain, knowing there are at least six competitors near by, could offer a time-sensitive discount to nearby customers to ensure they get a share of the user’s spend before their high street rivals.  They could even make the discount lower, the longer you leave coming in to the store – 20% at 20 minutes, 5% at 5 minutes.

A coffee shop could optimise low footfall periods by offering passers-by a free biscotti or time relevant offer – such as half-price kids drinks at school home time.

Retail – large stores

A department store could dot beacons around the building to take visitors on purchasing journeys.  So a beacon placed next to a particular brand of women’s shoe could alert the customer to a matching accessory or handbag in an adjacent department.

Exhibitions, Events, Trade Fairs

Track and converse with visitors in a timely manner whilst on site. Provide expo info directly to their device. Download our guide here

Retail – shopping centres

Shopping centres with their own app can use beacons to flag incentives and offers from their tenants. By using a back-end beacon management platform they can create a bidding system so that retailers can bid to have their message seen as soon as a customer enters the centre, or at a time-relevant state in the visit.  One scenario could be cafes pinging out a message for users who have been in the centre for over 70 minutes to come and take a break.


Placing a beacon in each room means the hotel can communicate directly with app users in situ. For example, the hotel manager can invite guests who are definitely in the hotel for networking drinks in the bar at 7pm. It’s unobtrusive and can be really welcomed by a business person keen to make contacts or maybe keener still to simply socialise when they are on their own, away from home.


Like shopping centre’s airports can have their own retail focussed incentives system. Other users include the ability to track a user’s progress through an airport and send reminders if they are leaving too little time to get to their departure gate. Or simply as a parking location reminder, knowing the user has parked near a beacon located at shuttle stop “j”.

That same beacon at shuttle stop “j” could also be used on the traveller’s return to ping them a message saying they can get a discount off future airport parking if they join the airport’s reward scheme.

Leisure and attractions

As we’ve already mentioned, a leisure park could use beacons to display the waiting times for nearby rides, then offer an opportunity to purchase a fast track pass if the waiting time is more than 20 minutes. Or if the ride is based on a particular theme or character, knowing the user has been on the ride, merchandise recommendations could be made.

A sports stadium can use beacons to guide visitors to their seat. Or promote a merchandising store or club museum.

Talk to the experts in the field of Beacon Technology and find how You can drive sales to Your business


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