Doing business in Russia or looking to export?

Through Yandex & Russian Google, test the market or increase your sales
using the expertise of a top Russian Agency free of charge

BeSeenOnline, R-Broker & Yandex

- A Triumvirate For Export Success

Our Partnership with R-Broker, the leading Digital Agency in Russia, has opened up significant, highly cost effective opportunities for European companies to explore sales growth opportunities within Russia.


Removing the barriers of language, colloquialisms and expensive consultancy support, Russia can now be targeted and tested by SMEs at very low costs.


Completely free of charge, you will receive full agency support and reporting from our Dublin Office, whilst our Russian Agency carries out highly sophisticated advertising campaigns across Russia on Yandex, the Russian Google.

The only costs involved are the Cost Per Click (CPC) exactly as you would on any digital advertising campaign.  One caveat, a landing page in Russian would be required, the content for this can be prepared but there would be a translation charge.


How is this agency support across Europe and Russia free of charge?

As a certified and long-standing partner of Yandex, commissions are paid against advertising expenditure, but this does not come out of your advertising budget, 100% of your budget is invested in advertising.

Optimised and localised advertising for targeting a Russian audience.

A service for European companies looking to increase sales through the significant and internet-active Russian speaking audience within Russia.


With language barriers blocking access to local markets, we have overcome significant issues such as language, coloquialisms giving access to tens of millions of people looking to purchase goods or services online.  An affluent audience, many of whom are keen for Western European products and services.


With the language barrier resolved, we now deal with the technological issues.  Reaching this audience of 'new buyers' requires the use of the leading search engine - Yandex.  With approximately 60% of Russian search traffic and statistically 3 to 5 times more sales potential than Google.  As a certified partner, R-Broker are experts in maximising its capabilities to advertisers from Europe.

How does it work?

BeSeenOnline, a Dublin based Digital Marketing agency with many years experience in digital advertising promoting an eclectic mix of European clients from small business locally to pharmaceuticals globally  will analyse and prepare the strategy of the advertising campaign.


At this stage the campaigns are fully prepared by R-Broker, the leading Agency within Russia.  Based in Moscow, currently 57 staff manage over 700 accounts successfully promoting to a Russian Audience. Utilising sophisticated software such as Wordstat, advertising campaigns are launched.

Advertising runs on the search engine platform Yandex, commanding over 60% of the Russian digital search and advertising marketing, making it effectively the leading Russian Search Engine, essential to any promotions within Russia. Campaigns are, naturally also run across Russian Google.


With the only expense against the above support being CPC - Cost Per Click, this is an excellent opportunity for everyone from small ecommerce businesses to tourist boards and multi nationals to tap into the significant growth opportunities from the Russian market.

  • Analysis of the local search demand for goods/services, fixing the definitions of terminology  and slang.  Using the local system Yandex Wordstat, reflecting the subtleties of search demand in the Russian language.

  • Assessment and forecasting of potential sales volumes against budgets.

  • Translation of advertising materials and landing pages to generate content consistent with the peculiarities of the Russian language.

  • Optimising website content for both search engines; Yandex and Google.

  • Development of bidding strategies and control of advert positions.

  • We have our own tools for contextual advertising which help us to optimize ad material through conversion, CPA, CPO, KPI, ROI.

  • Regular reporting and analysis.

Our Service

Why Should You Choose Us To Reach The Russian Market?

We use Yandex - the catalyst to sales in the significant Russian market

Using the software - Wordstat - we can evaluate the expected revenue before you spend your first Euro/Pound.

Low cost tests will minimise risk and ensure high levels of precision.

Over 700 companies successfully use us to generate sales from the Russian market.

The service is always free of charge - working on commissions from Yandex.

Cost Of Services? - Free Of Charge!

All of the services are free of charge.  100% of your advertising expenditure will be used to purchase advertising.  As long-standing Certified Partners of Yandex, we receive a commission against advertising expenditure.  Caveat: Translation of main website content would incur a charge.

The Process

  • See the questions listed below. Please fill out what you can of this in order that we have a good idea of your objectives and what you want to achieve. It will give us detail that we can work with in order to research the best promotional campaign for your business across Yandex and Russian Google. Do not be concerned if you can not answer all the questions.

  • From this, we research your campaign and generate a Forecast based on your Brief and Budget. This will give you a clear idea of your potential Return On Investment.

  • If you are happy with what you see in this Forecast, your campaign will be created and commenced with 100% of your advertising budget being spent on advertising - our fees are commission payments from Yandex.  

  • There is no charge for this service other than what you spend directly on advertising.

Contact us to find out more about advertising to a russian audience

Please provide details from questions below to 'Message' section of contact form

  1. What is your target market? (For example; technical/fashion/reals estate/B2B/B2C?)

  2. What is your Goal? (eg Sales? / generate leads? / create Brand awareness?)

  3. Do you have a specific budget set aside for such a campaign?

  4. Have you a specific geographical location you wish to target in Russia?

  5. What is your main Product/Service?

  6. What is the landing page you would direct website visitors to.


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