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We've looked after a lot of client's digital needs since we started off in 2014 - most of whom are still with us!
We could certainly 'wax lyrical' with loads of anectodatal references to this and that but have decided to keep it succint!
We've added some examples which we hope give an idea for each of our areas of work.
Have a peep below to get an 'inside view'.


"Working with BeSeenOnline has been brilliant for our business.  We were selling nothing online beforehand.  Now we have an online business delivering sales every day."


The Brief:

To generate online  sales for a product  that had been promoted for sale through a website for a period of 12 months, achieving minimal sales levels or interest.


The Challenge:

The main challenge was that the product, whilst appealing, was unfamiliar, ideally required to be seen and touched first hand for sales conversions.


The Work:

Due to this being a new innovative product, we decided to promote through Amazon rather than the website, giving potential customers the reassurance of the Amazon brand when purchasing.

An Amazon store was developed,  extensive advertising campaigns, predominately  running both within Amazon and on the Google Display Network.  From A/B testing we ascertained that  people with an interest in small business was the optimum audience and targeted same.


The Results:

* Online sales increased 400% above initial target within first 6 months of campaign.

* Continued sales growth month on month for 2 years.

* From original Irish based sales, the product is now sold in 7 countries within Europe.


"We experienced an immediate spike in traffic, subsequently leading to more sales."


The Brief:

Raising the online profile of an established and successful resort through online advertising.


The Challenge:

Already highly established within the marketplace, finding a niche that would significantly increase the brand awareness online without significant expenditure.


The Work:

Initially analysing the market, it could be seen that the majority of competitors were investing heavily in Google Search, thus increasing the CPC to a very high level, regardless of site, quality score etc.

We could also see that the website had significant organic traffic globally, however website conversions were at best reasonable.

We launched extensive remarketing campaigns on Google and retargeting campaigns on social media, Facebook in particular.  Heavily targeting previous website visitors with new aesthetically strong advertisements on a consistent theme.


The Results:

* 30% increase in overall sales figures.

* 20% increase in online bookings

* Significant feedback from customers regarding how our client "was everywhere on the internet"


"We needed 'bums on seats', we got them ten-fold and it's continuing to get better and better!"


The Brief:

Create an online presence for a training academy including full booking service, subsequently increasing student levels.


The Challenge:

Create a professional online representation, including ecommerce website and advertising on a low budget.


The Work:

For the website we created a new design using a user-friendly CMS system to allow updates by the client, thus reducing website costs.  This was complimented with extensive SEO work, predominantly keyword driven content and link building.

Two advertising campaigns were launched to drive relevant traffic to landing pages with one-click booking options for ease of purchase.

A 'push' campaign on social media targeting the relevant demographic, with relevant industry interest as a secondary filter.

A 'pull' campaign targeting people looking for further education or courses across Bing/Google search and the Google Display Network.


The Results:

* 90% increase in students for September academic year launch.

* 40% of bookings purchased online via the website.


Proud Sponsors of #ScoutingIreland 3K1C Scout Group


BeSeenOnline are delighted to be sponsors for Third Kildare, First Celbridge Scout Group.

A fantastic Group putting so much investment into to youth of their local community.

Well done 3K1C!


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